• Roof replacements

  • Roof repairs

  • Solar pumps

  • Solar controllers

  • Pool and roof sensors

  • Vacuum relief valves

Your solar pool heating system may be damaged from a storm, high winds, hail, cockatoos, or just deteriorating with age. Loose dislodged collector and broken leaking manifolds like seen in these pictures are common problems with strip systems.

Traditional strip matting systems have hundreds of joints and cheap imported manifolds and collectors which overtime break down due to our harsh climate.

To prevent loss of pool water and rust damage to gutters and downpipes from the pools chlorinated and salt water, all leaks to solar pool heating systems need to be repaired as soon as possible.

If your system is beyond repair we can remove and dispose of the damaged system and install a new panel solar pool heating system which holds a 25 year warranty.

Pool and roof sensors errors are also common problems with solar controllers. This can be identified by an error code or message which appears on the solar controller. Until the damaged sensor is replaced your system will fail to turn on.

The Pool Heating Co will assess your damage and advise you on your repair or replacement options.


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