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Pool heating solutions to make your pool warmer for longer

Request a quote to make your pool swimmable for up to the whole year with our wide range of Pool Heating Solutions.

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When you use

The Pool Heating Co

you enjoy your pool for longer

Whether you want to heat your pool with solar, gas, a heat pump or a pool cover, you're in the right place! 
Now it's time to make a decision on what solution is right for you.


Step two

You approve, we install

We quote and measure either in person or remotely using nearmap. We send you the quote, you approve.
We install, complete and do a thorough handover. 

Step three

Swim and enjoy

You've clarified your needs, your heating solution has been installed and now you get to swim in and enjoy your pool for 50% longer or even all year round.

Step one

Clarify your needs

Contact us to discuss which option would be best suited to your budget, needs and taste.

We are the authorised and preferred providers for...

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servicing the Central Coast and Newcastle regions of NSW since 2011.

Heating Solutions

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Heliocol solar pool heating panels
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Oasis heat pump
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Pool cover and roller
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Pool gas heater
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Strip solar heating panels
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Damaged solar panels

If you have a question that hasn't been answered, we'd love to assist you!
You can either fill out our contact form or call us on 1300 955 381.


Heating Solutions
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We are a team of experienced, qualified, licensed and insured plumbers who offer a wide range of pool heating solutions; solar panels, heat pumps, pool covers and more.

We are the
authorised dealers for a number of leading brands in our industry, which means you're not only getting a quality installation by a qualified team, but also a quality product.

No matter what you need, we work with you to design each installation in consultation with your individual taste and requirements.

The Pool Heating Co has been servicing the Central Coast and Newcastle regions of NSW since 2011.


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or call 1300 955 381

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