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The Pool Heating Co |Solar Pool Heating Newcastle & Central Coast
The Pool Heating Co |Solar Pool Heating Newcastle & Central Coast
The Pool Heating Co |Solar Pool Heating Newcastle & Central Coast


Solar Pool Heating systems are simple, low maintenance and a very reliable and cost effective method of heating you pool. Harnessing the natural energy of the sun, a solar pool heating system enables you to extend your swim season and make the most out of your investment in a pool.

The Pool Heating Co installs the highest quality and most efficient solar pool heating systems available. Our panels are designed and built by the worlds largest solar pool heating manufacturer.


People spend big dollars on the construction of their pool generally to find it at a swimmable temperature for only 3 to 4 months of the year. With the installation of a solar pool heating system you can expect to maintain that enjoyable temperature for up to 8 months of the year.


How does it work? Cold water is pumped from your pool onto the roof and into the panels. As the pool water is circulating through the panels it is heated from the suns free energy and then returned back to the pool. This process will be repeated until your designated pool temperature is reached, which is managed by an automatic solar controller.


Each system is automatically controlled for a trouble free experience, turning on and off based on the suns activity and your pools temperature. Solar systems even work on cloudy days as UV from the sun is still absorbed by our collectors.


Other than the initial cost of installation running costs are minimal as the suns free energy is their heating source.


A heated pool will not only give you a more comfortable swim temperature for a longer period of the year it will also increase the value of your home making it more attractive to potential buyers.


Based on your pool size, roof size and direction we will provide a custom design to suit your home & pool heating needs.


Alternatively to solar pool heating you can consider the installation of a gas pool heater or electric heat pump. Although not as cost effective as solar pool heating they both allow you to swim all year round regardless of the weather conditions.


For more information on our different pool heating options please see the below links.


Low cost operation


More enjoyment from your pool


FREE energy from the sun

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